Before and After Photos

45 year old, one owner home.


We helped the family liquidate the estate, get the home ready for sale and it sold in 1 day. 

Kitchen before photo


Original appliances, cabinets, yellow counters, etc.  We did some minimal touch ups, cleaning and updates.... 

Kitchen after photo


We did some minimal touch ups, updates.... we put in new counter tops, painted the cabinets and walls, had new appliances installed and then lightly staged the home. After some cleaning..... It looks beautiful.  

Den before photo


Old Cabinets, Stained walls, carpet with holes and stains.  Most of the items in the home were sold at an estate sale that we helped coordinate.  

Den After photo


Then we came in after all the items were removed the seller's had the flooring replaced and painted the entire home. Finally, we they had it cleaned, had the yard cleaned and trimmed, then finally did the minor kitchen updates mentioned above. 

In addition at this home we actually had professional Bee Keepers come and remove a very large beehive from the tree in the backyard without damaging the tree or hurting the bees.  This is why I say, every home and situation is truly unique. 



It took a few months to get it all done. But the home sold in 1 day for about $40k more than it would have in its original condition.  The updates and repairs, cost about $10k.  All in all, the seller was very happy and the new buyers love their new home. (these results depend on location and list price of home. These may not be the same for every home.) We would be happy to give you information specific to your current property and situation.