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Feeling the love...

I highly recommend Stefani and Randy and Loving Transitions for your transition needs and sale of your home!  My brother and I both live in Texas and after our fathers passing, we were faced with the daunting task of fixing his home which needed some major repairs.  We were concerned about managing this process remotely.  They were an absolute Godsend!  They managed everything from assessing the repairs, hiring the people for the job and ensuring it was done properly, within budget and on time.  

They communicated throughout the entire process and once the home was in great shape, they sold it in 24 HOURS!  Stefani and Randy are very honest in their advice and direction, both with the improvements necessary with today's housing market as well as the sale of the house.  The service they provided us allowed us to be able to focus on Dad's final needs without worrying about the estate sale, renovations or selling his house.   

If you are looking for someone who is honest, knowledgeable and will take care of everything – Stefani and Randy are the ONLY option for you!  I can't recommend them enough!  


Mindy Korock (formerly Bryce)

My dad and I found all the answers in Loving Transitions...

"When your parents who had always been capable, knowledgeable, and able to handle anything, start to become people whose mental and physical needs now need that extra help, and it now becomes your responsibility to change places with them; where do you start? Where is the best place they can get help in this transition? How do you handle everything?  

My dad and I found all the answers in Loving Transitions.  They knew exactly where to start.  They knew the places where the best care was given and experts who were able to professionally access and give the kind of care that was needed.  

Loving Transitions gave me the support and help I needed to go through this as well as being there to help my dad ease into the dramatic changes in his life.  

They even knew movers who would help pack, label, move, unpack and arrange the new place if needed. 

They have gone to his new place for meals and introduced him to people who also live there.  They did not just forget us when then job was done. 

Loving Transitions really live up to their name."

Judith Kirk (and father Orville Kirk -age 97) 

We work closely with senior living communities...

 “I work at a senior living community, and I have referred several residents to Stefani and her team.  Quite commonly, we have folks that are concerned about selling their home.  Stefani is who I refer people to right away!  Every time I’ve had an interaction with Stefani, it’s a positive experience.  She is so prompt, so professional, and communicative.  I love hearing from our residents how helpful Stefani has been and how happy they are that she helped them.  She takes care of every step – beginning to end! I only have positive feedback on working with Loving Transitions.  They truly live up to their name.  I have enjoyed working with Stefani, and I will continue to happily refer people to her.” 

Anna Herrera, Sales Counselor

Help, just when I needed it.

I never thought that I would be in a position to need the experience of someone with Sefani’s capabilities and knowledge. She came with excellent recommendations and a willingness to help me make difficult decisions. Living across the country and having a full time job, I realized it was going to be difficult, but Stefani did all the foot work, got the needed paperwork, and kept in communication with me. The timing of selling a home, the contents, and coordinating the needed repairs is very time consuming but Stefani and her team made it happen. Truly, I will never be able to put into words how she helped me and my family through this difficult time. Stefani and her team went Above and Beyond. Thank You! 

Kathy Massingill