How will you know it is time to move?


When is it time to make the transition?

Up to age 85, most people report little or no difficulty with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and about one-third of those who experience an ADL disability recover.  After age 85 more than three-quarters report some degree of permanent limitation.  Usually more women than men.  This is usually when it is time to consider a change. 

ADLs - Activities of Daily Living

The ability to perform key activities of daily living (ADLs) provides an objective standard to health care providers and the senior living industry in general to help determine the right time for making a transition and then choosing the right level of care and type of facility.  The list can also guide decisions about aging in place (staying in their current home) and obtaining in-home assistance. 

Activities of Daily Living include:

*  Dressing

*  Grooming

*  Eating

*  Bathing

*  Toileting

*  Transferring (e.g., moving from a bed to a chair) 

When is Assisted Living the right choice?

Some signs that indicate a need for assistance can include:

*  Personal hygiene declining.

*  Responses to questions about well-being are passive.

*  A home that was formerly neat becomes disordered and dirty.

*  The refrigerator and pantry look empty, or an over-reliance on take-out food becomes apparent.

*  Lethargy or fatigue replace activity.

*  Forgetfulness causes peril, such as food left cooking on the stove, phone off the hook, bills unpaid, and medications skipped.

What should Assisted-Living facilities be expected to offer?

Laundry services


Personal care



Exercise classes (usually seated)

Help with medications

Activities (social, religious, educational)

Three meals daily with provisions for low sodium, diabetic, and heart-healthy menus 

Moving can be scary for seniors. We are here to help with all of it.

When the tasks of sorting, packing, moving and unpacking are beyond the capabilities of homeowners and their family, or events necessitate a quick move, a senior transitions specialist could be the solution.   We at Loving Transitions can handle all the phases and tasks of downsizing, moving, de-cluttering, or disbanding a senior's home.  We can sort through all of the belongings, arrange for dispersal and disposal of items, prepare a space plan to make sure furniture will fit in a new living situation, pack, and unpack.  We work with many different vendors and specialists and help you and your family coordinate all the events involved with a move. We would be happy to discuss your personal needs and give you an estimate of the costs associated with all of this before you make a decision.  Contact us today to get more information. 

We have relationships and local connections that will help you through this process.

Should you need any of these additional services, we have a list of people on our team who are also committed to helping and serving seniors and their families.

Some examples are:

Independent/Assisted Living placement services

Elder Law Attorneys (wills, trusts, estates)

CPA or money manager

Estate Liquidators 

Escrow company

Title company

1031 Exchange specialist (qualified intermediary) 

Tax Specialist

Revers Mortgage Lender and Counselor 

Insurance Agent

Document Shredding

Moving Company

Handyman services





House Cleaning

General Contractors

Yard maintenance 

Charity donations